Aromatherapy Facial

The Goodness Of Essential Oils On Your Skin:

In an aromatherapy number of essential oils is used on the skin. The use of oils depends on the type of skin. Moreover these oils are very beneficial for skin and do take care of acne, rashes and pimples.

Promotes Clear Skin:

In case of an aromatherapy facial at first facial steam is taken which cleans the pores thoroughly. It cleans all the impurities which accumulated throughout. Moreover the essential drops of oils which were added to the water also work deep within the pores of your skin.

Removes Dead Cells:

Exfoliation always follows any facial steam. When one scrub the face with an aroma scrub, the dead cells get removed this reveals the smooth skin.


In this type of facial abundant of aromatic products and essential oils are used. They soothe your nerves and senses. Therefore it provides relaxation like never before.

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